November 5th, 2008


President Obama

First, let me say how proud I am to be an American and how lucky I consider myself to be that I got to participate in this historic election.

However, I am very disappointed in a lot of people I know and love. Whatever your politics may be, the election of Obama is not the coming of the antichrist or the first step towards socialism or the end of America as you know it. It's the beginning of a new, better time in our history, provided that we all come together to allow and facilitate the opportunities now before us to be realized. The end of economic distress ushered in by Reagan, stalled by Clinton, and renewed by Bush has its end in sight, as does this ridiculously costly war that it taking our money away from relieving our debt, feeding our children, and caring for our veterans. These can only arrive at that end if we all support each other an put Americans first, families (of whatever composition) first, education first, basic necessities first, in stead of fear that a stranger might have an abortion, that two men might fall in love, that you might have to wait a few days to get that new AK-47, that you the people who run the company you work for might make record profits, but pay record taxes (while fighting their hardest against a new administration that will not let them win to make you work more for less). Go outside, look at the world around you, at the Americans around you, at the children, the elderly, the struggling, the prosperous, and realize that we're all in this together, and guess what, so is the rest of the world. We are all lucky to be alive to see this day, and we will tell our children and our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren about how we remember what people doubted that a black man could be elected president, because to them, that will seem as strange as a day when women couldn't vote does to us.

One final note: I am so sorry to all of my friends in same-sex relationships or traditional ones but without the desire to officially marry who have been stripped of their rights by an amendment to the constitution that should have protected them. The idea that somehow my marriage to Anthony is more valid than your relationships baffle me.