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my bike trek

I decided earlier this summer that I needed a bike since I now live within an easy cycling distance of campus. At first, I took my mom's old Zeus, which is this fantastic road bike she bought in the 70's while she was in Spain. This bike, however, is too large for me, and as a road bike, it cannot take the wear and tear I'm planning to put it through. So I started looking for a new bike. I was going to buy a Target bike, but after a lot of research it became painstakingly obvious that for $150 I was getting a bike 1/6 the value of a $300 bike, and I still wouldn't have the type of hybrid city bike I am looking for. So after months of talking to bike enthusiasts, shopping online, and visiting bike stores, today, I bought a 2008 Trek 7100 on clearance (since the 2009s are now out). I saved $80 by buying the 2008 model. It's quite girly, as there were no more men's available, but it's pretty sweet looking. I'm really excited.

I've already lost 35 lbs over the past 2 years, about 15 of that this summer, and I'm look to lose at least 15 more by Sam's wedding in January, so riding to campus should definitely help.

Trek 7100 WSD

The only downside is that I've been spending all my time looking at bikes and watching Olympics. As a result, I am totally unprepared to my History of Latin Lit exam on Monday, which is one of the 9 exams I have to take for my degree program before I can dissertate. I'm thinking I will not pass, which puts me a little behind schedule, but I'll make it work.
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